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UNC-TV Station Tour

Recently, we went on a pretty cool field trip to tour the UNC-TV station with our homeschool group.  I’d say it was probably one of our little ones favorite field trips so far.


My older one loved seeing all of the behind the scenes equipment/control rooms as well as the huge studios and cameras.  The beginning storytime and meeting Curious George and Read-A-Roo were my younger ones favorite parts.  She did get a little bored on some of the tour because of her age, but hung in there and was very happy to meet George at the end.  It was a good experience for both ages.  I also really enjoyed it and learned a few new things.  I was surprised that they actually took us inside some of the control rooms and the studios.  The amount of equipment and buttons that were within reach of many little fingers was quite amazing.  The kids were awesome, of course, and I think also felt quite special that they were there.


My homeschool dudette also REALLY loved seeing the makeup room and just had to try out the chair and pretend she was a star.


The tour was very organized and the staff was welcoming, patient and helpful.  Always a plus!  We did the Silver Package Tour for $5 per child participant.  Our tour was about an hour long and included a fun storytime, character meet-and-greet and each child took home a polaroid of themselves with the characters.  They offer a few different tour options and one is free!  You can check out all of the tour options and details here.  This would be a really great summer field trip to get away from our HOT (and lately super rainy) weather here in Raleigh.

Wondering what our homeschoolers thought?
Homeschool Dude Says:  “That was so cool!  There were a lot of controls and computers.”
Homeschool Dudette Says:  “I can’t believe I hugged Curious George!”

They also thought this street sign was totally cool!  I kinda did too.


The Details:
10 TW Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
(919) 549-7072
Groups of 10 – 25 Children
Free – $15/Child