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Adventurous Math for the Playground Crowd

numbersNC Science Museum of Natural Sciences
11 West Jones St
Raleigh, NC 27601

Science Cafe:  Adventurous Math for the Playground Crowd
Thursday, July 11, 2013
7:00pm (Discussion Begins at 7pm followed by Q&A)
Nature Research Center – The Daily Planet Cafe

Mathematics education is a big source of worries — and hopes, and dreams — for parents, teachers and communities. What can you do to help students learn the advanced math that is required in so much of today’s industries and technologies? What helpful insights come from cognitive science, comparative anthropology, and educational psychology? In this Café, you will learn about the Moebius Noodles Project, which seeks answers in the modern-day Terra Incognita of mathematics education: the very first years of a child’s life. Join educators Maria Droujkova and Yelena McManaman for a look at playful ways parents and children can have big adventures with deep mathematical ideas.

Dr. Maria Droujkova is a curriculum developer and mathematics education researcher. Maria brings together leaders in mathematics education, developers, parents and teachers for projects and discussions of family mathematics, early algebra, individualized learning, math games and math clubs. Yelena McManaman is a blogger, education consultant and developer, focusing on young children. Yelena homeschools her son and organizes classes and events for kids. Online, Yelena helps other parents collaborate around advanced math for young children. Yelena and Maria co-authored a Creative Commons, crowdfunded book “Moebius Noodles: Adventurous Math for the Playground Crowd” that came out this Spring.

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