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Moths at Umstead State Park

mothWilliam B. Umstead State Park
8801 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27617
(919) 571-4170

Moth Watch Program
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 and Wednesday, July 24, 2013
8:45pm – 10:00pm
All Ages

Come celebrate National Moth Week with an evening of moth watching at Umstead State Park. Join park rangers and moth experts as we observe and identify moths around the visitor center. Bring a flashlight or head lamp. Program will end no later than 10pm at which time the entire group will exit the park.

Parents must accompany children, sign up preferred at 919-841-4060 or Brian.Bockhahn@ncparks.gov.

This can count as a ranger program or stewardship project for the Junior Ranger program.
Starts at: 8:45 p.m. – Meet at: Visitor center.

Sweep Netting Safari
Thursday, July 25, 2013
All Ages

Come celebrate National Moth Week with a sweep netting safari at Umstead State Park. Help park rangers and moth experts use nets to safely capture, observe, identify and release moths and other insects. Bring hat, sunblock, drinking water and bug spray. Be prepared to hike about one mile, with a turnaround option to hike further.

Parents must accompany children, sign up required at 919-841-4060 or Brian.Bockhahn@ncparks.gov.

This can count as a ranger program for the Junior Ranger program.
Starts at: 9:00 a.m. Meet at: Visitor center

Rain Play at JC Raulston Arboretum

JC Raulston Arboretumdrops
4415 Beryl Road
Raleigh, NC
(919) 513-7011

Thursday Summer “Tree-ats” Series
“Rain Play”
Thursday, July 18, 2013
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Ages 6+ Suggesged (Younger Ages Welcome)
$10 for Members/$12 for Nonmembers

Cool off at the Arboretum while learning about the water cycle!

Transform yourself into a water droplet and then travel through the water cycle while visiting stations placed around the grassy lawn Ellipse. You’re likely to get wet during your travels, so wear clothes you don’t mind getting wet!

It’ll be a fun but educational morning, so make plans to be here. Participants that register will receive a special plant from the Arboretum to take home.

This program is designed as a drop-in at anytime during the hours listed. Parents/caregivers are expected to stay with children as they participate in the activities.

Registration: Advance registration is requested, but not required. To register in advance, contact Elizabeth Overcash, children’s program coordinator at elizabeth_overcash@ncsu.edu or 919-513-7011.

Questions: Please contact Elizabeth Overcash, children’s program coordinator, at elizabeth_overcash@ncsu.edu or (919) 513-7011.

Jr First Lego League 2013 – 2014 Season

Jr First Lego League
Thursday, August 1, 2013
Team Registration Begins at 12:00pm


Disaster Blaster Challenge:

Can Junior FIRST® LEGO® League teams help us master natural disasters? In the 2013 DISASTER BLASTER℠ Challenge, over 22,000 children ages 6 to 9 from 12 countries will explore the awe-inspiring storms, quakes, waves and more that we call natural disasters. Teams will learn how science, technology, engineering, and math impact our everyday lives while they get excited about future innovations. Brace yourself for DISASTER BLASTER! Each year, Jr.FLL presents a new and exciting Challenge to ignite the inherent creativity in young children. While exploring natural disasters, teams will learn about simple machines as they build a model made of LEGO® elements with a motorized part and learn to present information through a Show Me Poster. Throughout their experience, teams will operate under Jr.FLL’s signature set of Core Values.

Start a Team:

  • Jr.FLL teams are comprised of 2-6 children, ages 6-9. Generally we consider the upper age limit of 9 to be “hard” and the lower limit of 6 to be “soft”. If, after taking in the child’s developmental level, you feel they are capable of participating on a team, then by all means they’re allowed. We have found that kids younger than 6 can be very overwhelmed by the experience and those older than 9 may be bored or not wanting to “play with the little kids”. Remember, for kids that are 9 to 14, FIRST offers the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) program.
  • We highly recommend having at least two members on a team, so that children may truly benefit from the team experience.
  • FIRST does not create the teams or match children to teams. Any adult can start a team at their local level. However, FIRST has a matching system for parents to connect with others to form teams. Try FIRST TeamUp!
  • Anyone can start a Jr.FLL team. Frequently teams are made up of neighborhood groups, school groups, home school organizations, Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, family members, and after school programs.
  • Jr.FLL teams generally meet for 6-8 weeks. Each session should last for about one to two hours, once or twice a week. Many teams meet after school or during another group activity, such as during a Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop meeting.
  • Season materials are available electronically once you register. Season materials include Challenge documents, coaches guide, access to private forums and acces to the Jr.FLL Online Showcase.


NC Science Olympiad Summer Camps 2013

NC Science Olympiad Campmag
Smith Magnet Elementary School
1101 Maxwell Dr
Raleigh, NC
Session 1:  Monday, July 15, 2013 – Friday, July 19, 2103
Session 2:  Monday, July 22, 2013 – Friday, July 26, 2013
Morning Course:  9:00am – 12:00pm
Afternoon Course:  1:00pm – 4:00pm
Rising 2nd – 6th Graders
Half Day $175 / Full Day $350
Register Online
(Campers staying for the full day are eligible for a free supervised lunch period.) 

  • Blast It! Teams work their way through the physics of flight with Stomp Rockets and water powered bottle rockets.
  • Catapult It! Campers test the physics of projectile motion as they build and test catapults designed to hit targets at varying distances.
  • Engineer It! Teams learn the engineering principles behind constructing structures made from various materials as they experiment with bridges and towers.
  • Fly It! Campers explore the physics of flight as they work their way through paper or blasa planes and gliders.
  • Solve It! Campers gather evidence and learn how to process it with chemistry and sound scientific practices in order to solve a mystery.
  • Plant It! Campers learn about nature, identifying local trees and insects, and create their own living ecosystem in a bottle.
  • Proteggct It! Campers learn about the physical properties of various materials as they design and build devices to protect eggs from breaking when dropped from increasing heights.
  • Live It! Campers learn about the organ systems in their own bodies, as well as the nutrition that keeps them fueled.

The exact schedule of events offered in each session and more details are available on the Olympiad Camp page.  Contact Sam Barlow at sdbarlow@ncsu.edu with additional questions.

Adventurous Math for the Playground Crowd

numbersNC Science Museum of Natural Sciences
11 West Jones St
Raleigh, NC 27601

Science Cafe:  Adventurous Math for the Playground Crowd
Thursday, July 11, 2013
7:00pm (Discussion Begins at 7pm followed by Q&A)
Nature Research Center – The Daily Planet Cafe

Mathematics education is a big source of worries — and hopes, and dreams — for parents, teachers and communities. What can you do to help students learn the advanced math that is required in so much of today’s industries and technologies? What helpful insights come from cognitive science, comparative anthropology, and educational psychology? In this Café, you will learn about the Moebius Noodles Project, which seeks answers in the modern-day Terra Incognita of mathematics education: the very first years of a child’s life. Join educators Maria Droujkova and Yelena McManaman for a look at playful ways parents and children can have big adventures with deep mathematical ideas.

Dr. Maria Droujkova is a curriculum developer and mathematics education researcher. Maria brings together leaders in mathematics education, developers, parents and teachers for projects and discussions of family mathematics, early algebra, individualized learning, math games and math clubs. Yelena McManaman is a blogger, education consultant and developer, focusing on young children. Yelena homeschools her son and organizes classes and events for kids. Online, Yelena helps other parents collaborate around advanced math for young children. Yelena and Maria co-authored a Creative Commons, crowdfunded book “Moebius Noodles: Adventurous Math for the Playground Crowd” that came out this Spring.

Please confirm events with the venue before attending.