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Temporary Hiatus

We are on a temporary hiatus.  The fullness of life has us overwhelmed at the moment.  Hoping to get back to this blog after the holiday season.  Check back soon and continue sharing with your friends please.  Thanks!

Our New Facebook Page

We launched our Facebook Page this week and we would love to connect with you there.  If you like what we are doing here, give our page a like and share with your friends please.  Let’s get a local online homeschool community going in a place where a lot of us probably visit everyday anyways.  According to the NCHE site there are over 4,000 homeschooling families in Wake County alone!  Wow, that is awesome!  Hope to see lots of you on our new page soon.

A Work In Progress

Hello there.

Just getting started here.

Planning to provide an organized place for everything homeschool in the Raleigh, NC area.  There is a lot of cool stuff going on around here, but I spend a lot of time searching it out in many different places.  I’m hoping to provide a way for local homeschoolers to go one place and get all of the info they need about current classes, events, homeschool days, field trips, groups, etc.  Please check back soon and share with your local homeschooling friends.  Thanks!