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Dinosaurs in Motion at NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Dinos In Motion
Have you heard about Dinosaurs in Motion?  It’s the newest special exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh and it’s pretty cool!

Earlier this week, we went on a field trip with our homeschool group to the museum to check out the new dinos.  There are 14 life-sized metal sculptures created by a North Carolina sculptor and visitors can control them with remotes or lever-and-pulley systems.  My little ones find dinos fascinating so this was right up their alley and I knew they would just love the remote controls.  I was more interested in checking out the art aspect of it all and it was pretty amazing.

We purchased tickets as a group so we were able to get a discounted price, but even at regular ticket price, this exhibit is definitely worth checking out.  Everyone in our group really enjoyed it and had a fabulous time.

You can check out some cool pictures of the sculptures here.

Tickets are available online here.  Groups of 10 or more can purchase group rate tickets at the Box Office.  This exhibit will be at our museum until September, 8, 2013.

Wondering what our little ones thought about it?
Homeschool Dude Says:  “It was cool.  I loved moving them with the remotes.  My favorite was the swimming one.”
Homeschool Dudette Says:  “That was fun.  I liked the one with the horn on his head.”


Snapology Lego Classes


When we decided to begin homeschooling in January I made a few promises to my little dude.  Probably the most important one to him was that we would find some sort of Lego class.  Like a lot of little boys, he is a Lego maniac.  He really enjoyed his monthly Lego Club at school, so we wanted to somehow continue that for him.

I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to follow through on that promise, but I knew I had saved a lot of local Lego stuff from my late-night homeschool google searches.  Once I started calling around and getting into the details, I discovered that a lot of the things being offered were either for upper elementary ages or they were only week-long camps.  Uh-oh.

Long story short.  After more googling, a cancelled class that we thought would be perfect and then still more googling I discovered Snapology.   More importantly, I found this little blurb on their site, “Snapology can provide a private class for your home-schooled students”.  Really?  Sweet!

OK, so now I just had to find some other homeschoolers with young kids that wanted to get together for a weekly Lego class.  Easy, right?  Hmmm.  I was brand new at this with just a few homeschooling friends.  Lucky for us, they wanted in on the class too and had some friends to bring along!  Woohoo!  Promise kept!

A few days ago, our little homeschool dude had his final weekly Lego class that he has been doing since February.  He enjoyed this so much and always looked forward to Lego class day.  He was quite disappointed to see it come to an end.  Of course, that means I’ve now made a new promise – more Lego’s in the Fall.

If you are on the hunt for a homeschool Lego class, definitely check out Snapology.  They have  a bunch of different class options for all ages and we really enjoyed working with them.

Wondering what our homeschool dude has to say about it?
Homeschool Dude Says:  “It was awesome.  The remote control cars were my favorite!”